Mecair 200 Series Diaphragm Valves

Mecair 200 Series Diaphragm Valves

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Product Description

The 200 SERIES is a range of diaphragm valve suitable for Dust collector applications, in particular for reverse pulse jet filter cleaning of filter bags, cartridges, envelope filters, ceramic filters and sintered metal fibre filters. The 200 Series valve has the inlet port at 900 to the outlet port. The 200 Series range comprises 7 models, from 3/4" to 3", all with threaded female gas connections. The 1 1/2" model is available in the single and double diaphragm versions, while the 2", 21/2" and 3" are all double diaphragm valves. The special design assures an extremely fast opening time, high flow rates and easy installation. The valves are constructed in die-cast aluminium and have an anodised protection treatment which protect them from corrosive and environmental agents. 80lts and screws are in stainless steel. The 200 Series is available in the following versions:
• VNP, with integrated solenoid pilot
• VEM, with remote pneumatic connection.

Upon request: Integral pilot valves with ATEX Certilication: • ATEX 11 3 D (94/9/CE) lor the above approved model the correct code to use is VEM+PV 24V/DCX (solenoid coil is 24V-DC/12Wand Din connector in conlormily to the ATEX Directive 94/9/CE) (PLG9-ATEX) Remote pilot valves meet the requirements 01: • ATEX 11 2 GD when mounted with PXA Pilot or CXD Enclosure (94/9/CE)

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