MPS/ MPS PR 1/4” Differential Pressure Controller

MPS/ MPS PR 1/4”  Differential Pressure Controller

Model No.︰MPS/ MPS PR 1/4

Brand Name︰MECAIR

Country of Origin︰Italy

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Product Description

The model MPS PR1/4”-24/DC economizer is an integrated model which incorporates the remote pilot valves, model PR1/4”, which can be pneumatically connected to the diaphragm valves type “VEM” rather than with electrical connections.

 This version has been designed to guarantee the control of diaphragm valves mounted on pulse jet dust collector filters containing filter bags or cartridges.

All the technical characteristics comply with the CE Directive. The MPS-PR1/4” conforms to the European Directive(89/336 EEC and 93/68 EEC).

 Upon request it is possible to supply the unit in accordance to the European Directive EC/94/9 Atex, Atex II 3D(zone 22).

 The pilots are mounted within the enclosure, are pre-wired and have a ¼” gas female thread to be used for the pneumatic connections between the remote pilot and the diaphragm valve. The MPS PR1/4” is available from a minimum of 2 pilot valves to a maximum of 16 pilot valves mounted within the enclosure.

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